Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005

Due to flight dates and times we had to extend our time in Darwin by a day, which gave us time to go and explore. The morning we went and visited a few garden centres in the suburbs of Darwin. This was all by means of buying a day pass for the buses.

The garden centres were interesting to visit but a bit limited in the plants that they supplied… and the seeds that the stocked.

The afternoon we decided to visit the Casuarina Beach Park, however someone had started a fire in the undergrowth and we beat a hasty retreat when we saw the flames… a local offered us a lift in his car back to safety… saying it was probably arson as the park was open and would not normally be open if they were carrying out controlled burns.

I was a long trek back to our hotel on the buses… but we had seen a lot of the town.

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