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12th October 2016

BA 296 ORD – LHR

Arriving slightly late into Heathrow with just 1:20 to change plans was going to be tight. I was glad to see two people from the flight connections team for  waiting for us as we arrived in the terminal. We were taken through security at the B Gates where we had arrived and then walked briskly through the tunnel to the A Gates to get our flight from gate A2.

It would have been more efficiently done if the security personnel at Heathrow Terminal 5 actually cared about customer service, and stopped their little power trips, but that is the nature of the beast and I guess we need to live with it.

Arriving at the Gate boarding started almost straight away and we were onboard for the last part of the trip.

BA 730 LHR – GVA

Arriving in Geneva and passing through immigration the baggage was very quickly on the belt and my baggage was quickly off too. I had time to say good bye to everyone and we took some photos after a great trip with a really fun group before I headed to the railway station and the train home.

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