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Why is it when you absolutely must be somewhere or do something something comes alone which make what should be simple and straight forward, difficult… Such was the case today when I had to be a the station for 11:30 for the train to the airport, and in the office at 11:00 the phone rang with a client who had a problem with a system for which I have responsibility!!!

Anyway I did what I could informed by backup and left on time. Caught the train and then called back and with my backup we checked the whole system out and all was well again with the world…

So the trip to the airport was stood between train cars, chatting to my colleague on my mobile phone – not the relaxing start to my holiday I had foreseen. When we arrived at the airport we passed to the checkin desk for Swiss and requested that our baggage be through checked to Singapore if possible as we were traveling on 2 tickets – one GVA – ZRH – BKK and the other BKK – SIN. The agent was not sure this would work but he was able to do it all in the end.

No queue at security, but they were not sure of my small tripod which can look like a knife or a “Leatherman” tool under the x-ray at security, so I quick check and I was on my way again to the Swiss Lounge.

The Swiss Lounge at Geneva I often feel is like a hospital or doctor’s waiting room, it is comfortable but a bit functional and not very warm and welcoming. We had a enough time for a quick bite to eat and wander round the airport before it was time to head to the Gate for our first flight

LX 2811 GVA – ZRH

At Zurich we had been parked at the furthest stand for anywhere useful and then bused back to the terminal, before we had to smartly walk up steps down corridors, down escalators through passport control on a train, and up escalators to find our gate.

The delay to our inbound flight meant that we could not visit the new Swiss lounges at the E-Gates as I had hoped.

We just had 10 minutes to wait till boarding started.

LX 180 ZRH – BKK

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