BA 269 LHR – LAX

Club World Seats 59J  & 59 K

Boarding was choatic, with an unholy scrum at the entrance to the gate area. However, we were soon all aboard and sitting down enjoying a glass of champagne before departure.

This was my first trip on an A380, the first thing that struck me was the feeling of space.

We were on the upper deck with my mother in seat 58K and my sister just through the curtain in 60K, which she had managed to grab at checkin.

Then I was told I would not be able to use my gopro with its suction mount to film the trip. This had never been an issue before and I was quite disappointed, by this. But I decided not to argue and just said “It’s fine”

We were on our way with a slight delay because of some delay in catering the flight. Why I have no Idea, the plane had been sitting at LHR all day, and had been in plane sight the whole time I was sitting in the 5B Lounge.

A long taxi taking us the whole way round the the airfield Charlie, Bravo, Delta, Bravo, Alpha, link 23 to 27R for take off.

The delay in boarding and the long taxi meant we did not take of will 17:06. The thing that impressed me most as  accelerated down the runway was how quite the plane was.