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29th October 2016

Having sorted my late checkout I was able to go and run in the morning with the New York Front Runners group. It was great to get out for a leg stretch of 4 miles around Central Park while chatting to Patrick who was getting ready to run his first NYC Marathon.

Back to the hotel and I was able to have a shower before I headed out for some shopping in Macy’s. It was somewhat comical as I was trying to show Cedric the shirts which were available in his size so I could ensure I was buying the right thing.

A bit more shopping and it was time to go back to the hotel. I had been given a couple of drinks vouchers when I arrived but I had only used one of them during my stay. So I decided to have a parting drink before heading to the airport. Earlier in the day, I had worked out that maintenance work was being carried out on the Subway and the E line which should have been running up 8th Avenue and out to the airport, was running on 6th Avenue as an F train till it was in Queens.

It took just an hour to get out the airport from the hotel. Check in was smooth and I was escorted to the front of the checking queue.

A shower in the Galleries Lounge I then headed to the Concorde Room for a drink and some dinner.

BA 172 JFK – LHR

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