Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005

Leaving early from Darwin we were on the road to Litchfield National Park, but not before we headed quickly to Holmes Jungle Nature Park to look at a stand of Livistona Benthamii. After a short walk and having seen the palms we came to see we headed back to the bus and were soon on our way down the Stuart Highway towards the National Park at Litchfield.

The bus ride war quite quick and we entered the park stopping to look at the “magnetic termite mounts” then on to lunch at the Litchfield Cafe.

After lunch we had time to walk round the Wangi Falls Trail and see the carpentaria acuminata palm tree before swimming at the pool of the Wangi Falls. The water was crystal clear and a quick dip was just what was needed before our long trip south to Katherine.

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