Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005

The last day of the Conference saw us visiting the historic Singapore Botanic Gardens. Once again we were greeted and introduced to the garden by the Director and the Curator of Palms. Then were were taken on a walking tour of the gardens seeing many highlights.

The gardens were beautifully laid out and showed a real maturity. While hot and humid there was a gentle breeze, which everybody appreciated.

After lunch there was the option to visit the McRichie Reservoir which is a nature reserve in the centre of Singapore, it is home to macaques, who have little fear or respect for humans and were are just seen as toys for them… they are very intelligent and will stop at very little to get some food, or take what ever they can get a hold of… one person on the trip was bending over to take a picture in one direction while the monkey was trying to open their back pack…

Singapore Botanic Gardens

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